Some of Maglok's large client base..

Maglok Australia Pty Ltd has many clients throughout Australia.  The services provided by Maglok Australia have ranged from explosive day boxes to full installation of major sites.

We provide explosive storage and ordnance storage solutions for the police, mining, all military and defence services including army and navy.  All Maglok Australia explosive storage units are relocatable and transport compliant.  

Examples of our work, and  some of our specialised installations can be viewed at these links.


Maglok's Clients and their Industries include

Penrice Quarries
Replacement doors to original bunker built in 1951

D.L. Scott Stone Quarries
Replacement and relocation of magazines enforced by state government regulations 

State Government (police ballistics)
Twin ammunition storage lockers

Police Bomb Squad (Perth WA)
Supplied 3 x 3 metre Magazines with internal shelving

WA Government - Kalgoorlie
Supplied 2 x 6 metre Explosive magazines

PIRSA - Coober Pedy
Compound  - Maglok provided, delivered and installation of magazine secure to concrete foundation, including security fencing

Workplace Services (dangerous substances - DAIS)- South Australia
Maglok provided 7 x 6 metre explosive magazines

Commonwealth Government - Army (northern Queensland)
Maglok provided and delivered 8 units of various sizes

Commonwealth Government - Navy (eastern seaboard)
The Navy purchased 6 units of various sizes from Maglok



Safe Work SA

Commonwealth Defence Department Various Magazines Nationally

WA Government Explosive Reserve Kalgoorlie

WA Bomb Squad

Newmont Asia Pacific Tanami Gold

CCJV New Guinea


Rio Tinto

Fortescue Mining

Oz Minerals

Brierty Mining

Cliff Asia Iron Ore Australia Ltd

Downer EDI Mining WA

Plus many Private Clients

Maglok products created for the Police in Western Australia

Explosive storage custom built by Maglok for NSW Police Rescue to store seized explosives
Internal view of explosive storage locker custom built for NSW police
Transport provided by Maglok ensuring safe delivery wherever needed in Australia