Maglok Australia Pty Ltd product range consists of


  • relocatable magazines for the storage of 500kg up to 20,000kg of explosives,
  • detonators,
  • military ordnance,
  • fireworks
  • and other hazardous materials
  • and all custom designed explosive storage in Australia, wherever security is of paramount importance.

All magazine and locker systems comply with Australian standards and are quality manufactured with many superior features making Maglok Australia your first choice for dangerous goods storage.

Maglok designs their units specifically to the client's specifications for their dangerous substance storage.  Units are modular, each having a heavy duty door, 3 bar locking system and a full venting system.  Maglok explosive storage units all have lightning protection and computer engraved identification.  Maglok's length and height variations are used to govern the nominal storage capacities.


Portable explosives boxes
Shot firers Utes

Maglok Australia will deliver and install

All doors on the 5,000kg upwards have the optional feature to allow pallet/forklift access.

All  Maglok magazines are transport compliant, with heights and widths of all models complying to legal limits for road, rail and sea transport.

To see the enormous range of options available to Maglok clients, check out the Clients page and the galleries pertaining to different industry groups.